Enclosure Integrity Test

At Techno Air Gate (TAG) we have our independent department for fire fighting testing which is powered by experts and certified engineers to perform test with high level of accuracy and quality in addition to customer support to solve construction problems.


Enclosures protected by gaseous fire suppression systems must be airtight in order to maintain concentration and effectively prevent re-ignition.  NFPA 2001 Annex C and ISO 14520 Annex E both require a Door Fan (blower door) test to prove that the protected enclosure is tight enough to maintain sufficient concentration.  Test results can also be used to predict how much pressure will develop in an enclosure when the gas discharges, to ensure that this pressure will not knock down any walls or blow out any windows.

This test should not only be carried out at the design stage of such systems but also annually thereafter and more frequently if the enclosure integrity may have been compromised by penetrations for pipe work or cabling etc.